Friday, May 23, 2008

Today I had the day off, which worked out wonderfully! Can you say four day weekend! :) My niece and I went to The Dalles, OR and did a little bit of shopping. The plan is to make some tie dye t-shirts a little later this evening. We also stopped at a couple of local scrapbook stores: The Picture Patch and Treasure Your Memories.

I took a few pictures of various places I drive by all of the time, because it has recently occured to me that everything changes, and being able to remember things accurately would be wonderful... the photo is of some windmills in Oregon, taken from the Washington side of the river. They are a fairly recent addition to our landscape, but more are being built all the time. The Columbia River Gorge is know for it's windyness, so I guess it's only natural to put the windmills here.

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