Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hurray!!! The Mini Album is Done!

And I think it's kinda cute! Mostly due to Miss BryLee Jean! :) I still need to add the jounaling and maybe a few more embellishments... embellishments are like glitter ~ it's a rare occasion when you have too much! ;)

Domestication seems to be my forte today. I cleaned the entire house, baked pumpkin bars, made a casserole for dinner and now a birthday cake is baking for a co-worker. In between it all the website has sucked up most of my day. Hopefully I'll figure out how to entice more visitors to scrapfairy and they will fall in love with the products and order them.. that would be some kinda wonderful! Until then, I will keep tweaking the site until it is perfect or somewhat closer to it! Thanks for listening to my rambling.

Please let me know what you think about the mini album! Thanks!


Mandy said...

Hi Brandi, your mini is gorgeous, love it! And your next project is about to be on it's way to you LOL, because you won the fabric bookkit on my blog-give-away :) Mail me your addy ok?

Brandi said...

Too cool.... doing the happy dance!