Saturday, November 22, 2008

Please forgive...

the lapse in posting. I had an opportunity to surprise my husband by doing a bedroom makeover while he was out of town. It went awesome. I will try to post some pictures soon. Thank goodness for my friend Brenda - I would have never gotten finished without her. Unfortunately, this Wednesday I caught a heck of a cold... and I still have it! It is very difficult to understand how I manage to catch every single illness that comes along. My blood work comes back fine, I take vitamins and have been trying to exercise and get enough sleep. If anyone has any suggestions on how to overcome this tendency please let me know!

On a more upbeat note - how do you like my new blog background? It has been so much fun learning how to build it! The ladies at The Cutest Blog on the Block have free blog backgrounds you can use and if you look under blog secrets, they tell you how to design your own. I can barely contain my excitement! Go check them out!

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