Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cards I made that I don't actually love....

Sometimes the mojo just ain't flowing. I feel like both of these cards are not quite on the mark. I like the cards..... but ........ I don't love them. So hopefully my next set of cards will make me happier!
On to another topic... Christmas. How the heck did it get here so fast and once again I am not ready for it? The main problem is that all the fun gifts ( for all the children we know ) have been bought, and now we have to move on to the not so fun gifts. You know what I'm talking about. The gifts that you think long and hard about and finally determine that you have single handly come up with the perfect present.... and the receipent is all " Oh, this is nice." Those kinda gifts. They are the worst kind. I think it is harder for me because I want everyone to be happy and Christmas to be all sunshine and roses, which of course never happens. Normally I stress and stress and stress, Christmas gets here and then its over. And I forgot to enjoy it. So this year the focus is more on relaxing, being happy, and looking for simpler pleasures. At least until my type A personality wakes up! Wish me luck in my battle with myself! Have a great Thursday!

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