Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Glimpse of my Weekend

It will probably be tomorrow before I am back with more cards to post. Everything is torn apart in our upstairs at the moment as we (mostly my husband and a little bit me) work toward getting all of my crafty stuff into the newly designated craft room. This first picture shows what it looked like Thursday morning. I need to dig up some older pictures so you can see what it looked like in the very beginning. To say that Steve has put a lot of work into this room would be one of the greatest understatements in the universe! Many nails were pulled from the flooring and and then a special procedure was used to get all the junk out of the cracks so that the floor could be painted. Truck loads of paneling were ripped off the walls and a the wall where the closet is had to be replaced entirely.

Then there was the sheetrock. It had been put up in strips horizontally and not very widely apart. The mudding and sanding took forever. The end result is looking pretty wonderful though! Here is a picture with the paint on the walls and floor. I will try to post another one once everything is moved in!

These two pictures show what took up the rest of our Friday evening and part of Saturday! Adventures!! The two neighbor kids and my niece and nephew came over and we went on a "hike" down to the little river and back up it aways. It was a blast! Well goodnight for now and I will be posting tomorrow! Happy Weekend!

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