Thursday, August 20, 2009

The card that almost wasn't!

It's Thursday so that can only mean one thing.... VC Stamp Blog Challenge Day! I hope you can join us!

My card almost didn't make it in time. The Norton subscribtion on my laptop expired and I had to get the newest version... which I did and I installed it on Sunday. Since then, I haven't been able to transfer any pictures from my camera to my laptop. So this afternoon, after almost two hours (1.5 hours holding) and unistalling Norton following the advice from the help line, nothing worked! They told me to call the camera manufacturer.... which I did. I wish I would have called them in the first place. 10 minutes and everything worked like a dream. Thank you Canon!

I had my image all printed out and I colored it in with pencils and decided at the last minute to color the skin with Copics.... THIS IS A BAD IDEA!! The Copic marker picked up a little of the black from her hair and black ended up all over her face. So out came the pencils again (after a minor panic attack) and lots of shading later, the image was saved. Breath of relief! I then added Liquid Glass and Stickles... lots and lots of Stickles and left the image to dry while I visited with my niece and nephew. My niece is fairly crafty for a 6 year old so the first place she goes in my house is the craft room.... and the first thing she touched is the image with all the wet stickles. Big mess. Did you know that you can scrape wet stickles off using the edge of paper? It can be done. So I fixed the image again and took everyone swimming and left the image to dry in piece. So that is the tale of the card that almost wasn't! Hope you have a beautiful day! Smiles ~ Brandi


Mae said...

This is just adorable. So glad it all worked out for you.

Rleen said...

Brandi, your card is gorgeous! I love all the glitters and your coloring is fabulous. thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day!