Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunny Sunflowers

Hello out there... how are things in blogland? Today I wanted to share a few pictures from my garden. Every morning now I wake up with the fear that the frost has come in the night. So far it hasn't, but as crisp as it has been it won't be long now.
One of my glads... the weather is tricky here so sometime we don't even get glads ~ not even the ones we plant from bulbs in the spring. It's lovely to go out in the garden in the morning while the dew is still clinging to all the flowers and leaves... it's magical.

This is a random tree that I saw on one of my road trips.... you know the road impassable when wet kinda road trips. They are the best!

These last three photos are of my happy, happy sunflowers! Nothing puts a smile on your face like a row of gorgeous sunflowers. :) There were several industrious bees working happily away. I didn't bother them and they left me alone as well.

Hope you can gather some internal sunshine from these pictures ~ they make me happy, so hopefully they can do the same for you. Have a wonderful day! Smiles ~ Brandi

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Anonymous said...

Lovely gladioli, my one didn't come back at all this year. Last winter was really harsh. Your ones are gorgeous - from the photo they look healthy and strong.