Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventures in Veggie Shopping

Gardening is an Adventure! You start out with a vague sort of a goal in mind, but are soon distracted by all the pretties and the fabulous descriptions.  Here are some examples of excellent marketing.....


Immediately you think of visiting Italy and if you are like me you mind wanders off to that movie you saw... what was it? The one that made you want to chuck your life and go buy a villa... oh right.. Under the Tuscan Sun.  As if most of us could just up and move on over to Italy and buy a villa ~ even one in considerable disrepair. It could happen... I'm almost positive. 

Anyway I digress... so there we are in Italy at a little bistro table enjoying a fabulous dish complete with sun dried tomatoes and a glass of wine... okay that does it.  In to the basket these go.


Black Prince... a dashing gentleman who will sweep you off your feet and shower you with... tomatoes??? Hummmm.... I'm not quite buying into this fantasy. What's so romantic and lovely about being covered in tomato juice? Then I read... produces a large and early crop and reality strikes ~ hey that was one of the requirements on my list.  These beauties join their Sicilian friends in the basket.


Yum! Chili sauce ~ I can make that and can it and have it in the winter.  Enchilada's here we come!


If it wasn't for my hubby's love of hot stuff, these would not have come home with me... oh the sacrifice... just kidding! :)


Love, love, love sweet peppers.  That's all they had to say.  Though I almost passed them by when I saw the picture.  After all Red = Hot in my little world.


BUTTERFLY MAGNET...... gotta have them!

The picture did me in... As hard as I try to only buy perennials with a few basket stuffer annuals, some gorgeous flowers sneak home with me. These were simply too hard to resist. 

The best part about getting these plants and the pictures was that it truly was an adventure.  After stopping at a local Saturday market and purchasing only 2 veggies ( did you see those prices ~ Yikes!) the lady selling them told us about the end of season sale they were having at their greenhouse the next day.  So the next day off I went on an hour long drive in hot pursuit of fabulous deals on plants ~ and boy did I strike while the iron was hot.  All the veggies and annuals were 50 cents each.  Perennials and shrubs were 50% off... all in all it was fantastic day.  I got to go somewhere I had never been to before (the nursery is up a little windy road and closed to the public for the most part) and I got a truck load ( a slight exaggeration) of plants of pennies. Not too shabby. :)

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Crestajune said...

Where did you find these? I recognize them as Rattlesnake Nursery... we sold them at Mother's but I didn't get over there before they were all sold out. Am I too late?