Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's a Beautiful Morning! :)

It is so lovely outside this morning ~ The sun is shining and it didn't freeze at all. Hurray for that. Now I'm sure it's just a teaser, but I will take it and be so happy with it!

Projects abound around me, but I just can't seem to pick one and stick to it.

~Here are a few examples ~

#1 ~ an uncompleted quilt top

Look Mom ~ I even cut out all of the pieces ~ and still haven't put it together! Usually cutting the fabric is my sticking point. :)

Now these next two projects are completed, I just haven't decided to keep them or sell them. First of all I would like to thank my ancient Snoopyish doggie for posing for me . These pictures just wouldn't be the same without his help.

This is such a fun little ruffled hat ~ perfect for a little girl. :)

This hat is a cosy little number with excellent capablities in the ear warming department. One of these hats as been to a marathon on my sister-in-law's head ( Go B! I love that you compete in marathons!) It also looks super cute on my eldest niece. :)

And of course my Art Journal pages.... When I started out to AJ, the plan was to actually journal ~ wow what a great idea, right? So far I just draw and color and paint which makes me happy. My fairy looks a litte grouchy around the edges ~ wonder what is up with her.

The very best thing about an art journal is that it is portable. When the family goes camping and fishing I can take out my journal and be perfectly happy drawing and coloring. It is very relaxing.

There are some other UFO's (Unfinished Objects) floating around my house, but I will get to them eventually. Too bad the one day at a time saying doesn't translate to one project at a time. It's doubtful that it ever will for me. :)

Have a wonderful day!



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