Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog Design = New Blog Additude

So back in the day I used to be able to write clearly, concisely and comically. Somewhere along the way that got lost. It's time to bring back the 3 C's.... hopefully anyway. : ) And for that to happen things are going to have to change a bit around here. In case you haven't noticed I have lost my passion for cardmaking. Maybe lost is to harsh of a word, but there it is. I said it ~ now it's out there. Cardmaking will still be apart of what I share because it is a part of me, but it is not the whole of me or what I do. Never fear, my creativity hasn't dried up! In fact it is overflowing all over my house.

View of my work area for quilt

This is my little "nest" area for working on the binding of my (in my husband's words) ultra chaotic quilt. If fact he proceeded to tell me that it was a good thing it was machine quilted to pull it all together because otherwise it just didn't work for him... all you ladies out there who have put many an hour into building a quilt can probably sympathize with me right about now. Talk about a heartbreaking statement ~ this is a quilt being made because we don't have one made by me, which hubby thought should be rectified. All the fabric were chosen with him in mind.... but luckily now he likes it... Whew... cause I was worried.... sorta. I however adore it and can't wait to show final photo's once that pesky binding is attached.

Quilt Binding Closeup

Attaching the binding the worst part for me. I dread it. But then as I am happily curled up stitching away it doesn't seem quite so horrible. So wish me luck... Smiles ~ Brandi

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fairysparkle said...

Wow that is stunning i love it and have always wanted to make one just never got around to it maybe one day x