Friday, July 8, 2011

Dream... a mixed media art piece

Happy Friday... what a mixed up week this has been.  It's been hard to tell if I am coming or going. :)
My creative self has been working full speed ahead on lots of projects.  I'll have them to share in the next few days.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with mixed media.  I love how it looks when everything is done, but hate getting to that point.  I think the problem is waiting for the paint to dry.  By the time it's ready to add another layer, I have forgotten where I was headed with the project. lol!  Transferring words can be tricky too ~ because my printer is an inkjet and not a laser I have to be super careful to not add too much water when removing the paper.  It works out in the end.... the paper remnants add texture and interest to the final piece.

The weekly contest at Fun at Fairy Knoll is Cotton Candy... I interperated that through the use of clouds and hints of pink.  Hope you can join us this week. :)

Here is a Friday Freebie for you.... Image has been removed.....
She will only be available till next Friday. :) Again if you use her I would love to see your projects! :)

Smiles ~ Brandi

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