Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Labor of Love - Round 2

Sometimes when we create something it literally gets loved to pieces.  This is exactly what happened to the baby quilt I made my oldest niece.  The quilt we are speaking of is approximately 8 years old and boy can you tell.  It has been languishing in my closet crying out for attention for about 2 months now.  The last time my niece saw me she asked when I was going to work on it, as her dollies really needed it back.  So when I got home it came out of the closet and onto the sewing table.

Jo's Quilt 1
After a little time looking at everything that needed fixed, I ripped off the binding (with a seam ripper of course!) and started trying to fix holes and tears.  All the little stars were hand embroidered by me back in the day.  It's was crazy to look at this quilt and realize how far I have come as a quilter and a seamstress.  A good thing and a frustrating thing as well.
Jo's Quilt 2
Here I am attaching the border back on again ~ notice the pucker where there the quilt used to be tied.  Apparently children like to untie things ~ that is actually what lead to the quilt renovation.  When Jo first brought it out she wanted to know if I could fix it "Cause all the insides are stuck in the bottom". :)
Jo's Quilt 3
Stitching away...
Jo's Quilt 4 
Sorry for the weird coloring in the pic....After I started quilting it together (it was pinned and everything) I realized the backing fabric was not working out at all and the everything moved and got wiggly. What kind of fabric it is I have no clue ~ definitely not plain old cotton. Please see above ~ not so great.  But in the end all that matters is that it will put a smile on a little girl's face.  That's what it is all about anyway.  So now I have a renovated quilt waiting in the closet for a certain someone to come pick it up and take it home.  Her dollies will be so ecstatic!

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