Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Fireworks ~ such fabulous creations! They do all the things that I love ~ Sparkle, Shimmer and Twinkle. I couldn't ask for more. :) 
We traveled quite a distance to watch them this year.  The 25th Annual River of Fire Festival in Kennewick, WA  was the destination.  I am so glad that we went. There is something about those big burst of color and all the booms that brings out the kid in me again.
2011 The 4th Kennewick

 This shot was taken while we were waiting for things to get fired up. :)

Kennewick 2011 FW 1

Kennewick 2011 FW 2

Kennewick 2011 FW 3

Kennewick 2011 FW 4

Kennewick 2011 FW 5

I think the photos were worth all the effort the fine employees in the watch department of Walmart went to.  The batteries for my camera remote are apparently not so easy to find, but luckily after lots of digging they hooked us up.  A new tripod went into the cart too ~ someone (insert whistling and eye contact avoidance here) misplaced the one we had.  I wonder who could have done that... lol!
It was a beautiful evening ~ such a wonderful way to celebrate our country.
I hope that you enjoyed your evening as well.

Smiles ~ Brandi

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Crestajune said...

Awesome photos, Bran!! We went to Hood River, were supposed to go to Fort Vancouver but plans got changed... but it's all good. I am still learning how to use my new camera so my photos didn't turn out that great. But yours are FANTASTIC! Maybe next year we will check out Kennewick, sounds like a fun display! Have a fabulous day dearest!